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Bob Seger "Wait for Me"★★☆
Wait for Me        Bob Seger  2006

Wait for Me...I Was Waiting For You!

Wait for Me_01

OYAJI! You're Still Still Cooooool!!


....I will answer the wind
I will leave with the tide
I'll be out on the road
Every chance I can ride

No matter how far
No matter how free
I'll be alone If you'll wait for me

There'll be times when I'll rise
There'll be times when I'll fall
There'll be times when its best
to say nothing at all

Knowing you're right
Letting it be I'll be around
If you'll wait for me
If you'll wait for me

And I'll fight for the right
to go over the hill
If it'll only mean something to me
I will not be persuaded
I wont be still
I'll find a way to be free

In the cool of the night
In the heat of the day
If you're ever in doubt
I'll be on my way
Straight to your side
I guarantee I'll be around
If you'll wait for me If you'll wait for me

1991  #24        The Real Love


1976 Night Moves #4
1977 Mainstreet #24
1977 Rock and Roll Never Forgets #41

1978 Stranger in Town - Hollywood Nights #12
1978 Stranger in Town - Still the Same #4
1978 Stranger in Town - Old Time Rock and Roll #28
1978 Stranger in Town - Till It Shines #-
1978 Stranger in Town - Feel Like a Number #48
1978 Stranger in Town - Ain't Got No Money #-
1978 Stranger in Town - We've Got Tonight #13
1978 Stranger in Town - Brave Strangers #-
1978 Stranger in Town - Famous Final Scene #-

1980 Fire Lake #6
1980 Against the Wind #5
1980 You'll Accomp'ny Me #14
《 1980 The Horizontal Bop #42 》
《 1980 Tryin' To Live My Life Without You #5 》
1982 Shame on the Moon #2
1983 Even Now #12
1983 Roll Me Away #27
《 1984 Understanding #17 》
1986 American Storm #13
1986 Like a Rock #12
1987 Shakedown #1
1991 The Real Love #24
2006 Wait for Me #-


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