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Earth, Wind & Fire "Fall In Love With Me"

Moving Pictures "What About Me" ★★★
What About Me        Moving Pictures  1982

Moving Pictures

Well there's a little boy waiting
at the counter of the corner shop
He's been waiting down there,
waiting half the day,
They never ever see him
from the top

He gets pushed around,
knocked to the ground,
He gets to his feet and he says...

What about me? It isn't fair
I've had enough,
now I want my share
Can't you see, I wanna live
But you just take more than you give

Well, there's a pretty girl
serving at the counter of the corner shop
She's been waiting back there,
waiting for a dream,

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

John Cougar(Mellencamp) "Jack And Diane" ★★★
Jack & Diane        John Cougar  1982

John Cougar  4

Little ditty
about Jack and Diane
Two American kids growin' up
in the heartland
Jackie gonna be
a football star
Diane debutante backseat
of Jackie's car

Suckin' on chili dogs
outside the tastee freeze
Diane's sittin' on Jackie's lap
He's got his hand
between her knees

Jackie say,
hey, Diane
Let's run off behind a shady trees
Dribble off those Bobby Brooks
Let me do what I please
Say a

[ 続きはこちら・・・ ]

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Paul Carrack "I Need You" ★★★
I Need You        Paul Carrack  1982

I Need You Paul Carrack

...I Need You (2)

Dont need a roller or a limousine
I don't need my picture
in a magazine
I don't need approval
from a chosen few
Tell you what I do need,I need you

Don't need no fixtures
or feelings of home
I'm so unfurnished,
I'm on my own
I don't need reminding
when the rent is due
Tell you what I do need,I need you

I need you l
ike a fly needs a plane
I need you
like a ball needs a game
I need you
like a pool needs a cue

[ 続きはこちら・・・ ]

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Tavares "A Penny For Your Thoughts" ★★★
A Penny For Your Thoughts

Tavares  1982

..Tavares A Penny for Your Thoughts (2)

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Peter Schilling "Major Tom (Coming Home)" ★★★
Major Tom (Coming Home)

Peter Schilling  1982


[ 続きはこちら・・・ ]

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Chilliwack "I Believe" ★★★
I Believe         Chilliwack  1982


I was lost in time
Feelin like the victim
of a perfect crime
Until that night I met you
How was I to know just what your
love could do
Now I believe
there has been a change in me
I believe
that it was meant to be
Can't you see
I believe in you and me

In the dark of night
We can be what
we would like to be
And it's all right
When it's you, you and me girl


[ 続きはこちら・・・ ]

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Journey "Open Arms" ★★★

Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing" ★★★
Sexual Healing         Marvin Gaye  1982


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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Bertie Higgins "Key Largo" ★★☆
Key Largo        Bertie Higgins  1982


...Wrapped around each other
Trying so hard to stay warm
That first cold winter together
Lying in each others arms
Watching those old movies
Falling in love so desperately
Honey, I was your hero
And you were my leading lady

We had it all
Just like Bogie and Bacall
Starring in our old late,
late show
Sailing away to
Key Largo

[ 続きはこちら・・・ ]

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Air Supply "Even the Nights Are Better" ★★
Even the Nights Are Better

Air Supply 1982

82-Even The Nights Are Better51...82-Even the Nights Are Better2

I, I was the lonely one
Wondering what went wrong
Why love had gone
And left me lonely

I, I was so confused
Feeling like Id just been used
Then you came to me
And my loneliness left me

I use to think
I was tied to a heartache
That was the heartbreak
But now that Ive found you

[ 続きはこちら・・・ ]

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Alabama "Close Enough to Perfect" ★★☆
Close Enough to Perfect        Alabama   1982

Close Enough to Perfect1
....Sometimes her morning coffee's way
too strong
And sometimes what she says,
she says all wrong
But right or wrong,
she's there beside me
Like only a friend would be
And that's close enough
to perfect
for me

Now she's been known
to wear her pants
too tight
And drinking puts her out
just like a light
Heaven knows she's not an angel
But she'd really like to be
And that's close enough
to perfect
for me

Close Enough to Perfect

[ 続きはこちら・・・ ]

テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽