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Rex Smith "You Take My Breath Away"★★☆
You Take My Breath Away         Rex Smith  1979

Rex Smith-You Take My Breath Away (3)...Rex Smith-You Take My Breath Away (5)

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Billy Preston & Syreeta "With You I'm Born Again" ★★☆
With You I'm Born Again        

Billy Preston & Syreeta  1979

Billy PrestonSyreeta 1981 (6)

Come bring me your softness
Comfort me
through all this ma-adness
Woman, don't you know,
with you, I'm born again

Come give me your sweetness
Now there's you,
there is no wea-eakness
Lying safe within your arms,
I'm born again...

I was half, not whole,
in step with none
Reaching through this world
in need of one

Come show me your kindness
In your arms I know
I'll fi-ind this

Billy PrestonSyreeta 1981 (4)

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The Foghat "Third Time Lucky" ★★☆
Third Time Lucky        The Foghat  1979

Third Time Lucky61...Third Time Lucky0

...Its all behind me,
there's good luck up ahead,
Can't break what's left of my heart.
Once bitten, twice shy,
this time it feels so good,
I'd hate to see it fall apart.

First love I had was seventeen,
and I was younger,
Love to us was some kind of game.
In all my letters,
said I never would forget her - now,
I can't recall her name

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Wet Willie "Weekend" ★★☆
Weekend        Wet Willie  1979

Wet Willie9...Which Ones Willie60

...One Friday evenin'
What a feelin',
Feel like singin'
Tired of workin',
My mind is buzzin'
Feel like dancin'
Yes I do

But you gotta make the best of life
while you're young
Good people, weekend
Do just what you wanna do,

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Maxine Nightingale "(Bringing Out) The Girl in Me" ★★☆
(Bringing Out) The Girl in Me

Maxine Nightingale  1979

Maxine Nightingale -1977


All of the guys I have dated
Find me home to play
But I never let nobody
Go all the way

Oh, but baby,
I never felt this way before
I wanna love you on a fantasy, boy
But can it be,
it makes my nature weak
For you,
for you, for you

Oh, it must be the boy in you
Bringing out the girl in me
Oh, it must be the boy in you
Bringing out the girl in me

Ooh... ooh... ooh...

Maxine Nightingale Lead Me On (3)

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Kenny Rogers "She Believes in Me" ★★☆
She Believes in Me        

Kenny Rogers   1979

She Believes in Me1


While she lays sleeping,
I stay out late at night
and play my songs
And sometimes all the nights
can be so long
And it's good when I finally make it home,
all alone
While she lays dreaming,
I try to get undressed without the light
And quietly she says
how was your night?
And I come to her and say,
it was all right,
and I hold her tight

And she believes in me,
I'll never know just what she sees in me
I told her someday if she was my girl,
I could change the world
With my little songs, I was wrong

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Alan Parsons Project "If I Could Change Your Mind" ★★☆
If I Could Change Your Mind

The Alan Parsons Project  1979


I prefer to spend my time
In solitary ways
Keeping myself to myself
Cant pretend that its been easy
Since you went away
Living with somebody else

If you should change your mind
If you should turn around
and look behind
If you could see me the way
I used to be
At the risk of bringing back
the sorrow and despair

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Chic "Good Times" ★★☆
Good Times        Chic  1979

79-Good Times64...79-Good Times 430

.........Good times,
these are the good times
Leave your cares behind,
these are the good times
Good times,
these are the good times
Our new state of mind,
these are the good times

Happy days are here again
The time is right
for makin' friends
Let's get together,
how 'bout a quarter to ten
Come tomorrow,
let's all do it again

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Journey "Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'" ★★☆
Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'       

Journey  1979

Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin9...Lovin, Touchin, Squeezin1

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Cheryl Lynn "Got To Be Real" ★★☆
Got To Be Real        Cheryl Lynn  1979

78-45.jpg...78-45 1

...What you find-ah
What you feel now
What you know-a
To be real
What you find, ah
I think I love you, baby
What you feel now
I feel I need you, baby
What you know-a
To be real

Ooh, your love's for real now
You know that your love is my love
My love is your love
Our love is here to stay

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

ABBA "Does Your Mother Know" ★★☆
Does Your Mother Know        ABBA  1979

...You're so hot,
Teasing me
So you're blue but I can't
take a chance
On a chick like you
It's something I couldn't do
There's that look in your eyes
I can read in your face
That your feelings are driving you wild
Ah, but girl you're only a child

Well I can dance with you honey
If you think it's funny
Does your mother know
that you're out

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Alan Parsons Project "You Won't Be There" ★★☆
You Won't Be There

The Alan Parsons Project  1979


......Show me a promised land
and I will go anywhere
And if you ask me to take my time
I'll wait for years
I'll hold on
though the whole world tells me I'm wrong
Someday, Someday
But it seems so long

Ask me to prove my love
and I will do anything
So if they turn off the light of the sun
why should I care
I'll hold on
though the whole world tells me I'm wrong

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