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Genesis "Follow You Follow Me"★★☆
Follow You Follow Me        Genesis  1978

Genesis 1978 Follow You Follow Me n...Genesis 1978 Follow You Follow Me et
........and then
......there were three...

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Bob Welch "Ebony Eyes" ★★☆
Ebony Eyes        Bob Welch  1978

Bob Welch 1978 Ebony Eyes...Bob Welch 1978 Ebony Eyes_0

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Donna Summer "Last Dance" ★★☆
Last Dance        Donna Summer  1978

Donna Summer -Last dance (7)...Donna Summer -Last dance (3)

........Last Dance

........Last Dance Tonight

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

The Who "Who Are You" ★★☆
Who Are You        The Who  1978

78-Who Are You...78-Who Are You (1)

........Who Are You

..................Who Are You

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Donna Summer "MacArthur Park" ★★☆
MacArthur Park        Donna Summer  1978

Donna Summer   MacArthur Park...201205201816362c0[1]

..MacArthur's Park

..Melting In The Dark

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Barbi Benton "Ain't That Just The Way" ★★☆
Ain't That Just The Way

★Barbi Benton★  1978

Aint That Just the Way

He was a very special warm
and gentle person
Who put the music in the world
and spoke in rhyme
And it hurts me that I never
really knew him
`Cause all it would have taken
was some time

You know he always
seemed to be there when I stumbled
And when mountains got too steep
for me to climb
And it tears me up to think
I never touched him
`Cause all it would have taken
was some time

Aint That Just the Way1

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Love And Kisses "Thank God It's Friday"★★☆
Thank God It's Friday

Love & Kisses  1978

thankgoditsfriday (5)

thank God it's Friday,
Thank God it's Friday,
Friday, Friday

Hey put a smile on your face
Things are coming
your way out there
Somewhere tonight
it is the right time and place

I saw you baby
for the very first time
Couldn't take my eyes
off you girl

You just had to be mine
You're the kind that people long for

It just had to be you girl
I know this time
I'll make all my dreams
come ture

Hey see the stars in his eyes
And the music in you tells you how
...zankgoditsfriday (7)

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Billy Joel "Honesty" ★★☆

10CC "Dreadlock Holiday" ★★☆
Dreadlock Holiday        10CC  1978

Dreadlock Holiday98.78-Dreadlock Holiday36

.I was walkin down the street
Concentratin on truckin right
I heard a dark voice beside of me
And I looked round in a state of fright
I saw four faces one mad
A brother from the gutter
They looked me up and down a bit
And turned to each other

I say
I dont like cricket oh no
I love it
I dont like cricket oh no
I love it

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Jefferson Starship "Love too Good" ★★
Love too Good   

Jefferson Starship  1978

Earth Jefferson Starship-b

Oooah spread your wings
you've been too long in the cage
feling the rage of abuses
oh, i'm sorry.
I've opened the door
I've set you free
but can't you see
that I'm no good I'm sorry

Sorry baby I still love ya
Sorry and I worry about it
Sorry the hurt I put on you
you can do without it

Love too good you gotta
love too good you gotta
love too good
for a woman like me, baby
...Earth Jefferson Starship-

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Billy Joel "My Life" ★★☆
My Life        Billy Joel  1978

My Life  Billy Joel  1978.Billy Joel My Life!

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テーマ:洋楽 - ジャンル:音楽

Evelyn "Champagne" King "Shame" ★★☆